With a long-standing history of applying a holistic approach to developing innovative solutions, M-CHEM’s environmental, social and economic values are at the very core of all our initiatives. Since our initial SavGreen™ product launch in 1982, nearly three decades before the global sustainability movement, we continue to pursue our goal to bring our customers our very best technology. Certified by ECOLOGO™, our Chemecology™ products feature environmental-friendly attributes that are substantiated and audited by the most stringent and comprehensive third-party standard in the industry. Our Green Leadership program and ECOLOGO™ certification take the guesswork out of choosing the right solution for your needs.

Better for the environment

Embarking on the journey to sustainability doesn’t just mean greening our product lines. It means re-thinking the way we do business. It is a commitment to greening our operations. Best-practice encompasses goals such as reducing our carbon emissions, reducing our natural resource consumption and diverting our waste from landfills. It also means educating people about sustainability and inspiring behavioral change. This is why we decided to create our Green Leadership Program.

Better for the people who use them

At M-CHEM, we believe that cleaning solutions are to promote safer and healthier environments. Our customers’ health and safety are at the forefront of our work. No one spends more time with our products than the people who use them. So in 1997 we formed our Green Chemistry Advisory Board to identify, reduce and eliminate harmful chemicals from our solutions. We have also developed our own stringent Naturally Better™ Certification Standards as well as certified our formulas by ECOLOGO™ Standards for Cleaning Products. However, we still felt that in greening our cleaning solutions we were just addressing one part of the equation. So in 2007 we launched our CleanSafe Training Program to educate our customers and anyone in the industry on proper jan-san procedures and techniques. Since we have certified thousands of individuals on how to properly sanitize for cleaner, greener and healthier environments. 

Better for the people who make them

M-CHEM is a family operated business. Our employees are part of an extended family that spreads all across North America. We are committed to provide safe working conditions for the people who make our products. Reducing and eliminating harmful chemicals, in-house training and regulating manufacturing protocols are all part of ensuring a safe working environment for our employees.

UL’s ECOLOGO Standards for Cleaning Products