Rethinking Water

Innovative solutions to be water smart

We made water efficiency and water conservation a top priority

At M-CHEM we are well aware of the challenges that people face when it comes to clean, fresh, potable water. With this in mind, we made water efficiency and water conservation a top priority for our Green Leadership Program and for our Green Chemistry Advisory Board

Water is the best and safest solvent

Water is a key ingredient in the sanitation industry as it is the universal solvent. It dissolves more substances than any other liquid and it is the safest solvent. So our team of researchers and scientists are always finding new ways to upgrade our formulas by replacing harmful caustic chemicals with greener water-soluble alternatives. This means that our products are safer for our waterways, our water treatment facilities and the environment.

One drop of our formulas will go much further

Since our early days over 65 years ago, we have always created quality products with low water content. By reducing the percentage of water in our formulas, we’ve created better and longer-lasting products for our customers. We’ve help save billions of gallons of water over the years. Now with our M4 dispensing system and our CleanSafe Training Program, we continue to save our customers from unnecessary water waste