Message from our Chairman & CEO

The year 2015 marks a special milestone for our company, as it is the first year we can proudly announce our carbon neutrality.  Since our very beginning over 65 years ago, we have launched several initiatives to not only mitigate safety, health and environmental risks, but also to protect our vital natural resources.

Our Green Leadership Program, which started in 1982 with our packaging recycling program and SavGreen products, has also led to other initiatives such as upgrading our facilities’ energy-efficiency and establishing our Corporate Sustainability Policies. It has been overall an effective driver in achieving our company’s sustainability goals.

From our Green Leadership Program also came our Green Chemistry Advisory Board whose primary mandate is to reduce, remove and replace toxic compounds from our formulas to create environmentally safe cleaning solutions. Successively, for the past 10 years, we have provided our customers with an ever-growing line of ECO LOGO® certified cleaning formulas. Furthermore we have also developed a comprehensive Green Cleaning Training Program to support this environmentally preferable line and to better serve our customers.

Today, as we continue to move forward into the twenty-first century, we strive to strengthen our commitment to environmental stewardship. Each year we endeavor to better understand of how sourcing, manufacturing, transportation and delivery, use and disposal of our goods and services affect our company’s carbon footprint. As we set increasingly higher GHG emissions reduction targets, we will always uphold our commitment to maintain our company’s carbon neutral status. We are proud of what we have achieved thus far and we look forward to contributing as best as we can to ensure a sustainable environment for all our fellow Earth citizens.

Most sincerely

Kenneth. B. Hallat
Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer