Green Leadership Program

M-CHEM Green Leadership Program

At M-CHEM we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. As a carbon neutral company, is it vital that we measure, track and benchmark our emissions and set achievable targets to minimize our environmental impact. To ensure that sustainability is truly implanted in the core of our operations, M-CHEM founded its Sustainability Steering Committee. This body is tasked with developing, implementing and overseeing action plans for M-CHEM’s Sustainability Strategic Plan. To minimize M-chem’s contribution to landfills, we have established a waste diversion program as well as a waste reduction program. All generated waste is systematically weighed and tracked. 

M-CHEM works in tandem with its logistics partners to reduce transportation emissions from both suppliers and customers. As part of M-CHEM Sustainability Strategic Plan, a Supplier Environmental Policy was drafted and implemented as well as a Environmental Procurement Policy. To reduce our impact at the source, M-CHEM not only has retrofitted most of its facilities with more energy efficient fixtures, but has also transitioned some of its facilities to be powered by green energy. 

Water is a vital natural resource and at M-CHEM we are well aware of the challenges people face when it comes to clean, fresh, potable water. In running our operations, we want to make sure that we protect the people who work for us, the people we serve and the communities we belong to. Minimizing our environmental impacts also means helping the local areas with operate in.