Cleansafe Training


Cleaning solutions have strict guidelines to follow. Understanding labels, product information sheets and SDS is important.Learn the essentials of custodial safety, cleaning chemical types and general housekeeping techniques.

At M-CHEM we have developed over 14 courses and delivered hundreds of classes. Our expert instructors travel across North America to give workshops and hands-on training sessions.

We have certified thousands of individuals on the latest cleaning techniques and technologies. But most importantly, we’ve contributed to a safer workplace for all.


We are irrevocably committed to providing you with innovative, sustainable, highly effective cleaning solutions using industry best practices and creating new elevated standards - to ensure a safer, healthier and greener environment - for you, your staff, your customers, and our shared planet.


To lead the way in the cleaning chemical industry by effectively meeting the health, safety, cleaning and sanitation needs of the present generation - while minimizing or eliminating products and practices that could negatively impact the environment now or in the future.


Our tag line: ‘Solutions for your success’ reflects the focus that we’ve had for over 65 years. Based on that core commitment, we’ve thoughtfully grown from humble beginnings to become a leading cleaning chemical manufacturer of superior controlled brands across North America.