Floor finish – what is it? Posted on 01 Jan 15:48

Evolution is a truly remarkable floor finish from M-chem™ and is part of our Eco-Logo certified, environmentally preferred Chemecology™ line - available exclusively from Bunzl.

So what is a floor finish? 

Let’s start from the ground up.  Basically we work with 2 types of flooring, resilient (it has some give to it) and non-resilient (very firm – no give to it).  Examples of resilient flooring would be vinyl tiles, linoleum and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheet flooring, under brand names such as Armstrong or Tarkett.  Examples of non-resilient flooring would be marble, quarry tile and concrete.  These floors can be porous (which absorbs liquid) or non-porous (will not absorb liquid).  The key is to make a finish that will adhere to most resilient and non-resilient floors. 

Evolution is a liquid emulsion that, when properly applied, dries into a hard, durable, smooth and slip resistant finish.

Evolution can be damp mopped, auto-scrubbed, buffed, burnished, scuffed, recoated or eventually removed.  All the while it protects the major investment - your floor, from wear and tear for only pennies per square foot!

What’s the secret to M-Chem’s  Chemecology™ brand Evolution Floor Finish?  A lot goes into this remarkable product.  Materials include polymer emulsions, plasticizers, levelling agents, defoamers, coalescent agents, as well as modefiers such as resins, ultra violet absorbers and wax emulsions. 

You will hear the term “solids.”  This is usually referred to as non-volatile content.   Simply put, this means that the solid content of Evolution Finish is what’s left after the volatiles (i.e. water and solvents) have evaporated.

Most important is what floor coverage and durability can you expect with a floor finish.  This is difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer to, as it depends on the porosity of the floor, the thickness of the coat (heavy, medium, thin), and other variables such as: wall to wall application or just traffic lanes.  However, Evolution will give several thousand square feet per gallon in most applications. 

Confused?  Well, as you can see, floor finish is a truly complex product that requires the correct blend of materials to give you a super wet look floor that withstands thousands of people walking on it every day, with numerous scrubs and burnishes to a film that is less than the thickness of an ordinary garbage bag!

At the beginning, I’ve said that M-Chem’s Chemecology brand Evolution was a truly remarkable, Eco-Logo certified floor finish.  We hope you agree.