Carpet Care – know your fibre Posted on 01 Feb 02:37

M-Chem’s  Chemecology™ brand of carpet care products includes Blast (liquid extraction emulsifier), Gladiator (traffic lane pre-spray) and Disappear (peroxide based spot and stain remover). 

These three products used in conjunction with portable or truck mount hot water extraction units will give outstanding cleaning results on most synthetic carpets.

The true key to carpet maintenance is to know the type of carpet that you intend to clean.  There are 3 major types of synthetic commercial carpets being used.  By far the most common is Nylon.  This represents about 65% of all the carpet sold in the United States.  Nylon is very durable, resilient, hides soil well, as well as having excellent stain and abrasion resistance.   Nylon type 6.6 is the most common commercial carpet.

Polypropylene (also called Olefin) represents about 25% of the commercial carpet market in the United States.  Although its’ abrasion resistance and resilience are not as strong as nylon, it is highly popular in outdoor carpeting because of its resistance to moisture, mildew, staining or shedding.  Since polypropylene is solution dyed it is extremely colorfast.

Polyester tends to have gorgeous coloration with excellent stain resistance.  However, it tends to have poor resilience and is susceptible to crushing or flattening.  Polyester has a unique soft feel to the carpet when you run your fingers through the pile.

Natural fibers include wool and cotton which tend to be high maintenance and require delicate professional cleaning.

M-Chem’s Chemecology™ products -  Blast, Gladiator and Disappear will provide outstanding cleaning results on today’s popular synthetic carpets.